Paul Davis Architects

Paul Davis Architects designs exquisite custom wine rooms, cellars, and other wine storage or display facilities. Our work on this front takes place as a component of larger scale design and construction jobs, or - at times - as self-contained projects.

In creating an elegant and contextually appropriate facility for wine, we engage in a systematic collaboration with our clients, carefully assessing their needs and desires, as well as the state of the property where the work will take place. As with any of our projects, we then coordinate our design work with technical consultants to ensure optimal functioning of the final product. Administration of construction with elite contractors and the commissioning and stocking of the space completes the process. We can suggest industry-leading wine consultants if there is a need for curated acquisition or management of a collection.

The wine installations we create are fully-realized architecture, which distinguish themselves with their beauty and highly-tailored integration into their settings. Far transcending simple functional storage, our wine projects become living spaces that add greatly to their owner's enjoyment of wine and their homes or business settings.