Paul Davis Architects


This Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurant features a bright, undulating red wall which demarcates and enlivens a large open floor plan. Now a bustling bar and successful restaurant, the project was completed on a tight timeline and budget.

Simple materials and bright colors are a counterpoint to complex and suggestive shapes. Reclaimed pine planks form the tabletops, bench seating, planter, and the support for the zinc-topped bar. Custom bare-bulb light fixtures were assembled on-site from readily available components. The long wall opposite the curving partition received a pine-slat treatment with strategically spaced gaps, allowing light to shine through from behind in dramatic fashion.

Colors were carefully chosen to reflect the Mexican-themed menu, while maintaining a crisp modern restraint in their number and placement. Live plants were an integral part of the design scheme, the large planter being a focal point for the dining room.