Paul Davis Architects


PAUL DAVIS Architects is a Los Angeles-based design firm. With avid dedication to the needs of our clients and an appreciation of the responsibility inherent in any opportunity to build, we craft projects that promote life at its best. Our work does this with beauty, “fit” (a rightness in its role and place), and an economy that celebrates intelligence in choice-making. We are modernists, and believe that a contemporary stylistic vocabulary best expresses our confidence in design's ability to advance humanity through invention, reflection, and aspiration. 



When carried out with insight, deep experience, and near-obsessive care, architectural design contributes to the quality of daily life like few other human activities.



We are experienced in a broad range of residential and commercial project types, including new modern single-family homes, historic renovations and adaptive re-use, retail stores, restaurants, and corporate facilities with institutional or cultural components.  Among the services we offer are:

  • Site and program analysis: Where can the building best sit on my site? What functional elements should it contain?  
  • Code and zoning analysis: How much can I build?  What are setbacks, floor area constraints, and height limits?
  • Schedule and budget review
  • Incorporation of sustainable features: energy efficiency, recycled/reclaimed content, minimizing of construction's "carbon footprint"
  • Design and specification of retail display, graphics, and branding
  • Specialty design of acoustically sensitive construction, equestrian facilities, and distinctive wine storage and display.



Paul Davis Architects literally created a design for my condo that has truly become my dream house. Not only is my home a piece of art, but the functionality is completely in sync with my lifestyle. Friends coming over almost universally mention the obvious 'detail' in the design and unique functionality of my home.” -Glenn R.

"We are extremely happy with the design. Modern houses tend not to be very livable. They're set pieces for people with multiple addresses. This is a family home where we raised our children. The rooms are full of light and nicely proportioned to foster human interaction. Broad sliding glass doors open on to gardens and terraces. In summer we throw them open and live partly outdoors. Nevertheless, it's a rigorous modern building and no shortcuts were taken in the design."  -Carl B.



Our working method emphasizes a deeply engaged collaboration with our clients. The result will be building of significance and quality. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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